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Web-based building control systems for any property size

The SYS-VIS is a web server, which makes it possible to extend all of System SYS-. In addition, it is also suitable as an OEM series applications for third-party controls.

The data is output in HTML format and is thus device-independent. It is up to you whether you use a touch panel, a PC or smartphone. The  SYS-VIS can be operated and monitored from anywhere in the world via VPN tunnel. The alarm handling function also enables the automatic sending of alarm messages by SMS, fax or e-mail.


The programming of the SYS-VIS is done with a in-house programming tool, the SYS-Design. The procedure is the same as to creating a web site. Objects, such as digital and analog set point and actual values, are simply placed by drag and drop onto the working surface. Do you want to show different states of an object, you can assign a different image to the object depending on its condition.
During operation, the user sees the current status immediately. It is also possible to use animated GIF files, to emphasise certain functionalities. For example, an animated compressor illustrates its operating state. The designer has a innately extensive image database, but you can expand it at any time with your own pictures and animations. After the creation of the websites, only the data points of the signal assignment need to be connected with the main programm and then download the SYS-VIS. After performing this step the SYS-VIS is ready for use.
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