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Energy Prognosis Management | EPM-Box

EPM Box – the precise forecast of meteorological data directly to the DDC

  • precise broadcast of meteorological forecast data
  • directly to the DDC via BACnet IP or Modbus RTU/TCP
  • 5 days in advance
  • improvement of the prediction model by retrans of the already existing sensor on the building
  • own consumption and tariff-optimised
  • also available as an OEM solution

Forecast data

Daily values

  • maximal and minimal daytime temperature (in °C)
  • total precipitation on the day (in mm)
  • global solar radiation on the day (in Wh/m²)
  • maximal sunshine duration (in h)
Values for every 3 hours over 5 days

  • temperature (in °C)
  • amount of precipitation (in mm)
  • radiation intensity on the day (in Wh/m²)
  • relative humidity (in %)
  • air pressure (in hPa)
  • wind direction (in °)
  • wind speed (in km/h)
  • maximal gust of wind (in km/h)
  • cloud cover of the sky (in 1/8)

Desired retransfer values ​​if available

  • temperature
  • precipitation (cumulative / in the last h Yes/No)
  • radiation (in Wh/m² cumulative)
  • current relative humidity
  • wind speed (current/min/max of the last h)
  • cloud amount (average/min/max of the last h in 1/8)
  • sunshine duration cumulative

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