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Energy Controlling

Energy forecast management system EPROMA

How’s the weather tomorrow? The EPROMA box knows it!
The EPROMA Box is an energy forecast management system for building automation with a weather forecast model.

The EPROMA box measures the weather forecast data for a specific building 5 days in advance. It is done in conjunction with time of day dependent electricity tariff for energy-efficient controlling of the building technology. This could be the heating regulation, ventilation or shading, the control of solar gain and many more.

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Reduce energy consumption efficiently

Energy monitoring and remote access possibilities as the basis for lower energy consumption

visago offers many ways to reduce the energy consumption of properties. This is based on a complete analysis of the current state in the form of an effective energy controlling. Thus, it is possible to capture all system components of the heating, cooling, and ventilation system as well as the lighting and shading control and optimise their interaction.

Different ways of remote access permit the energetic management of multiple systems from a workplace at home. Via the Internet it is possible to:

  • set the obliged value and timers
  • engage in the program sequence and also change the programm
  • see the operating data
  • send alarm messages via SMS, e-mail or fax when interferences or high consumptions occur
  • generate energy reports on a central server

Even existing systems from other manufacturers can be expanded via open interfaces such as Modbus or BACnet with these features.

Detect vulnerabilities early in a system with intelligent consumption monitoring

A central server provides the possibility to detect operating data of systems and to compare them. Thus, weak points in the energy management are detected early. Automatically generated usage reports can be sent directly by e-mail or accessed on the Internet. In addition, the results can be imported in different energy management and CAFM software packages.

Standardised completion of energy reports are also possible. So we would be happy to customise the reporting to your needs.

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