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Building Automation

Comfortable indoor climate and efficient energy management by the use of modern building and room automation

Being one step ahead with green buildings

A comfortable living and working environment also requires a pleasant indoor climate. It combines the heating and ventilation control, the lighting and shading control, also energy consumption monitoring, and thus ensures an optimal indoor climate as well as an efficient energy management.
If you are leaving e.g. your building, you can put it in a sleep mode. In this state, all lights are switched off and the control of the indoor climate is set to the power saving mode. With a timer or your phone you can then awake your building from this mode. That way you could return back from you vacation to an already heated home.

Heating, ventilation, and cooling control

With intelligent control components an optimal indoor climate with low energy consumption is ensured.

Lighting control

Daylight dependent lighting and light scenes provide a pleasant atmosphere.

Shading control

Solar energy can be used optimally with selective shading. It allows heating the building on cold winter days and prevents this on warm summer days.

Energy controlling

Heat quantity and electricity consumption can be specifically detected and subsequently optimised.

Alarm messages

In the case of an alarm it will be sent by fax, SMS or e-mail.

Web access

It is possible to operate the system via any browser-enabled device such as a touch panel, PDA, PC or mobile phone.
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